White-Labeled Affiliate Management Platform

Adzorb helps you build and grow your affiliate marketing programs
Strengthen your marketing stack with this customizable solution.

White-Labeled & customizable platform
Customize and use your own domain in the tracking links with our white-labeled solution.The Platform is designed to manage all your digital marketing campaigns, publisher relationships, pay-outs and more.

Real-time campaign measurement & optimization
Optimize your campaigns with powerful targeting and measurement technology, devised to get the most out of your mobile and digital performance marketing efforts. Improve performance and increase your profits.

Proven Technology
A tried-and-tested platform that has been used to manage and track thousands of campaigns. The easy-to-use, intuitive user interface will help you expand your footprint with ease.

Scalable and Reliable
We understand that your business needs a reliable and scalable platform that will allow you to grow without limitations. With Adzorb’s robust cloud-based infrastructure, you can rest
easy and focus on growing your business.

Accurate Targeting
Smart targeting options on Adzorb allow you to align your campaigns according to device, ISP, carrier, OS, browser etc. so that you can reduce wastage and increase your conversion rate.

Set Budget Caps
Customize your campaigns with other advanced features like setting conversions caps, budget limits and have more control over your marketing spends.

Detailed Reporting
Get all the required reports to gauge the performance of your
ad-network/affiliate business. Reports at multiple levels – Advertiser, Sub-Affiliate, Offer and Conversion – help you optimize your performance which in turn helps you deliver maximum value to your clients.

Financial Analysis
Stay on top of your finances/cash flow with powerful accounting reports. We provide a one-of-a-kind validation management within the financial reports which allows you to maintain a healthy track of Receivables and Payables. These processes and reports are the crucial for any ad-network/affiliate business and it enables smooth internal process execution between operational and finance teams.

Deep Linking
Deep linking ensures a unified and seamless user experience. With Deelp linking. Easily setup campaign flows with redirection to deep links inside the advertisers’ website or mobile app.

Dynamic Creative Handling
We provide the infrastructure for you and your affiliates to store image banners, Flash banners, HTML ads, text links & email creatives within your network and execute campaigns with dynamic multi-creative handling.

Flat Pricing
No Slab-based pricing. Pay only a reasonable flat fee per month for the platform and scale your campaigns without any limits. Cap your expenditure – not your growth!

Dedicated Support
We realize dealing with technology can be very strenuous. Take advantage of our professional & highly responsive support team.

We are eager to be a partner in your growth story